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Optimize the results of its management team and increase the productive power of your company!

It is a management platform, designed and developed by Mundo Wap to automate the process of analyzing and managing the work routines and care from your team on the field.

Available at platform: Android

Using our solution, you go on to have greater control over your team, which will result in increased productivity, not counting the savings generated in control of services.


Online monitoring of the operation and location from GPS and LBS.


Determination of planned vs. actual, reporting incidents and others.


Performance analysis, peak operation, waiting time and statistical occurrences.


Integration is the function that the application is interacting with natives, physical or virtual machine features. The type of integration are: Capturing Images (Pictures), Bar Code Reading, Creating Forms dynamically and eventually signing documents via touch.


Image capture, signature and reading barcode on delivery / collection. In addition to increasing the capacity of decision making by the operating management, OS Mobile enables companies to inform their customers in real time, about the progress of their services, streamlining the whole process of integration of information from the field to the end customer.

How Works

Through an application developed and designed to act against mobile devices (smartphone or tablet) with them to the Android platform, all tasks in the external field teams are tabulated, thus generating information (indicators) management team.

The solution relies on the persistence in the absence of data (Internet) communications enabling work offline so if the services of telephone operators is failing. This feature aims to maintain the performance of routine work to the application so that this fact does not disturb the work of the team on the field.

On the other hand, the management team has a panel of web management, which aims to provide flexibility in the definition of routine work of his team, can set parameters and rules that result in the routine work of his agents as:

• Define and plan the tasks to be performed,

• Establish flow scheduling in sight, they are programs on an individual or shared agenda;

• Set parameters for collections of information in the field (forms), among other features.

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Using an integrated management module MDM solution allows rules to be set by managers of settings, which can be applied individually or collectively teams. The established rules are:

• Blocking access to installed applications to devices;

• Block access to configuration functions of the devices, which can set rules for access to the internet, enabling the creation of blacklist and whitelist, among others.

All traffic information whether to send the configuration parameters of the platform or receipt of management indicators sent by mobile devices in the field, are trafficked through the mobile phone networks. This service is offered by telecom operators through data services (GPRS, Edge, 3G or 4G), ensuring that there is communication between the modules of the tool (web and mobile) and all configuration rules are available on the platform established.

Using our solution, you go on to have more control over his team, which resulted in increased productivity of these professionals in the field, not counting the savings generated in the control of telecom services such as: reducing costs related to service telephony, since you can implement control spending with the MDM module.

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What is

What for

For who

It is a management platform, designed and developed by Mundo Wap to automate the process of analyzing and managing the work routines and care from your team on the field.

The solution enables management to create productive work of its external professionals in the field, establishing their routine tasks.

The product aims to implement controls to all events that involve the execution of processes established by the management team, as response time and offset the views, besides measuring the productivity of their professional degree, which will be analyzed by staff management, through indicators (KPIs) for performance that are generated by the tool.

The solution allows incorporate controls that are fundamental to the routine work of his corporation, which are performed by their external stakeholders in the field, through a mobile application developed and designed for control tasks. Using advanced features geolocation (GPS and LBS) they are assigned to an agent or teams, the system allows to implement the real-time monitoring of all actions displacement of teams and players in the field, enabling the analysis of performance, time care and displacement, peak operation, waiting time statistics of occurrences and the consolidation of data regarding the levels of care services (SLA).

Using an embedded intelligence, the solution brings one of its main features, the method of check in / out allowing by the field agent, perform the signaling their presence in the local physical visits made ​​by its managers. This feature has an anti-fraud method that aims to ensure the results of this procedure in signaling through method of electronic fence.

Other integrations are the features capture images (pictures), reading bar codes, Besides allowing the creation of forms for supplementary collections of information in the field.

Capturing Images (Photos)

Reading Bar Codes

Creating Forms

The solution is aimed at businesses that want and need to implement controls the execution of the work of service (scheduled visit / routes), and tasks of your team in the field, creating a monitoring process in service to their customers and partners.

The solution allows you to create basic controls related to processes such as:

• Creation and definition of tasks to be performed by his team on the field.

• Definition and assignment forms for capturing information in care, may define fields and it integrates the capabilities of their equipment as:. captures images and bar code reader

• Identification of service to local established and can view the locations served and not served by his staff, as well as gauging the date / time of arrival and departure time remained an agent for these sites.

• Integrated with a monitoring system via GPS is possible to identify each step of their professional field via maps, visualizing the route traveled in KM, and implement the option that allows each agent spent the signal obtained with the shift to service as:. launching and parking expenses etc.

• Expansion of the communication channel with your team through corporate Messenger chat.

The platform has a very broad focus regarding its use, it aims to meet all company needs to monitor the implementation of the work of foreign agents in the field, implementing controls and tasks to be performed in service to their customers and partners, see application examples:

• Crew repair, maintenance and installation of assets;

• Service delivery;

• Insurers, inspectors and auditors;

• Remote workers;

• Sales teams and prosecutors;

• Supply Chain;

• Operations and logistics in general.

Our Customers


Concerned about the quality of the offered services, as regards the satisfaction of our customers, we provide a framework for providing the service able to meet the targeted using our applications results, know the structure offered:

Structure and host information

- Redundancy host;

- Information backup;

- Restricted access, rigid control of physical access to the host environment, with monitoring via camera.

Connectivity and energy

- In redundant UPSs, modularity and manageable in hot swap power supply equipment;

- Multiple generators 440kvas: redundant, operating as demand data center;

- Check independent power medium voltage;

- Modern infrastructure with uninterrupted internet connection links to 20 gbps + 10 gbps additional redundancy.

Service and Support

- Own and knowledgeable staff dedicated to customers;

- Client contacts "who decides": direct contact with operating staff;

- Preferential service through account manager;

- Technical support during business hours;

- The service is conducted by a team specially trained to assist clients in their questions either by phone, email or chat.

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